Yesterday we put our sweet Lady to sleep - yes she is gone to puppy heaven. We rescued her from the dog shelter 17 years ago to live with our family. Myself, my husband and our four children. The youngest was just starting junior kindergarten and now he is starting college...

She has just been the greatest pet, such a personality - stern but loveable, stubborn in her own way but loveable. She was we assume part Lab, part terrier, possible the terrier genes that gave her life longevity. She even tolerated another stray coming to live with us 5 years ago. He was just a puppy and she taught him everything from what to bark at, to how to tree a porcupine, chase a squirrel, chase a rabbit.... In her older years, the last few, she would stand on the deck when the stairs became too much and bark out orders at our other dog, where to go, what to check was priceless. Our younger dog is just lost without her and today was his first day on his own. So lonely looking, and still searching for her thinking she is hiding. We will get over this, but right now it is fresh, it hurts, and miss her a lot.

Lady - we will never forget you and you will live on in our hearts forever.

Love always, Your family.

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