Our Pomeranian puppy, Sebastian, was hit and killed by a car last night. We only had him for a year. But, that was enough time for my children to bond with him. He was a good dog and a very protective dog. Especially to me. I think it is because I was the one who held him in the car on our way home from picking him up. I was liked Sebastian, not love, I'm not a pet person. But, the little thing did grow on you. He would wait at the window until we were safely home. He would stand guard at the door if anyone came to it. He was a comfort on the nights we were alone. I knew he would be at the bottom of my bed curled in a little red ball. But, always on guard. To my children he was the reason for missing socks( those were his favorite toys). To my daughter, who is hurting the most, he was her friend. He was in her bed every morning waking her up with kisses, he would jump twice his height when she walked in the door, he loved being held by her and kissed, and rubbed. He loved her as much as she loved him. My family is in anguish! It's still fresh and new.

We miss him, I miss him. Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. And I can't believe he is gone.... Leslie, Virgil, Daniel, Courtney, and Jacob Goodin.

ps My three year old for the last 2 weeks before the accident was telling me that it was time for Sebastian to go to his own house. When I asked Jacob where is Sebastian's house he would say far far far away. Who knew he was telling us what was going to happen?

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