In honor of my Snickerdoodle, who enjoyed every minute of his life with us, who made kids laugh out loud each time they would deliberately ride their bike past our house so they could get chased by him, who didn't die in a shelter because we loved him enough to bring him into our family.

We love you Snickers, and we always will. You tested that love, for sure! But we proved to you that no matter what, we'd keep our promise and you would always have a home. I'm sorry you had to leave the way you did, but I think you left doing what you loved best, roaming and running and feeling the cool spring breeze fly through your pretty hair.

Please watch over us Snicky, and keep us safe. When the next dog comes along, we're going to name it after you, so that you never die. This will in no way replace you, because you're one of a kind, but in some small way will make us feel like you're still here with us, and hopefully we'll find some peace in that.

Go run free at the rainbow bridge, and one day we'll meet you again and feel the cold nuzzle of your little button nose. We love you and will miss you so much.

Debbie, Kevin, Isabella and your furry sisters Mokie and Nicki

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