Spooky Girl, you are so not forgotten.The house is not the same with your passing. I miss you everyday and wish so much that you didn't have to go. I thank you for all the beauty that you gave to me- all the faithfulness and loyalty that you showed me when I was going through my cancer time-all the unconditional love that you would pass to each and everyone that entered this home. For all the joy, laughter and tears that you brought our way.

I sob with every snowflake that has fallen. For you, are not here to share them with me. I pray that where ever you are Spooky, you are free from pain and those terrible needles-I pray that you are running free with my Mama and Dad. I beg the good Lord that with every flicker of lite from your candle burning, you will a hear my whisper of-"I LOVE YOU."

Let every tear that falls from my heart and soul be your sunshine and the wind that blows through your fur.

Forgive me for that horrible day that I had to let you go-for I know that when the lite went out of your eyes-the lite went out of my life........I LOVE YOU BEYOND WORDS AND MISS YOU MORE THEN ANYTHING HERE ON EARTH!

Your my angel now Spooky, watch over me-when it is my turn-you are the one that can help me cross over-for that will be my heaven.

Still with such a Heavy Heart- Mama


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