I lost a treasured friend today, my little dog.... who used to lay her gentle head upon my knee and share her silent thoughts with me....

She no longer comes when I call or when I throw her favorite toy down the hall. She's not there to go for a ride anymore, but a far greater call was made to her and we knew we had to let her go.

My thoughts raced not wanting to let you go as we swore this could not happen to you but it was so. Although my eyes are filled with tears I thanked God for the time I had to hold you near. He sent you down from heaven with those great big eyes and a tail that never stopped wagging when you saw me, but now I know its time to go to sleep once again for another day has passed. I think of you one last time before I fall asleep and as I sleep and dream of you an angel comes to me and says cry no more, God loves your puppy too for you see, he installed her a special doggy door.

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