Angel (Sweet Angel Dreams)
March 15, 2004-May 31, 2005

My Angel Girl. You were the smartest dog I even known. A mother to all the other dogs. We値l miss the guinea pig sounds you made, the way you know how to climb up the fence just to get petted, the way you壇 wiggle your whole body & waggle your tail when you saw me, the way you tilted your head when I壇 call your name & sometimes when I spoke to you, and your mothering ways--how you always kept track of who belonged in the pen & whine to let me know when one of the others was out of the kennel, and how you leaned on me the last night I was with you.

I値l miss your white tipped tail, 4 white socks and your unique reddish brown eyes. Your coat was wholly when you were a puppy that became soft and beautiful. I値l miss traveling with the others and not having you riding in your spot with Heidi.

I知 so sorry, so very sorry your life was so short. I hope you池e in doggie heaven playing with Coco and the 3 puppies. I hope that I was a comfort to you. You値l be forever loved and missed by me.

Love Always,

Your Family

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