Dear Freckles,

I have wondered through the years what life was like through your eyes...a bold tribute follows:

Lots of knees, very few ‘please’s, commands like sit, stay, lay down,
rollover, paw, be a ssssnake; Eye to Eye and Nose to Nose kisses, snuggles,
comfort, licked tears, and to just “be” - the essence of companion.

Swingsets & slides, mud puddle romps, and jumps 5 feet in the air to catch
balls, stuffed animals, or just the sheer joy of it, racing up & down
stairs, going sledding, running at the battlefield, chasing birds & rabbits,
enjoying outings to see Ziggy & Dewey, the woosh of car windows...

Adaptable sleeping quarters from couches in basements, living rooms, family
rooms, bunkbeds & all bedspreads... Dalmations, Ariel, Winnie-the-Pooh,
Unicorns, White Eyelet, Sunflowers, Pinks, Palm Trees and the “Masters”
bedroom, carpets & shearling lamb beds...

Fed ‘like a dog’ in all kinds of dishes and everpresent at the table for
pizza crust, tomatoes, steak bites, salad, cheese sticks whether fed with
fingers or taking delicate ladylike bites off a fork. The rush to the
refrigerator when you heard the door open... sometimes with a morsal as a
reward, sometimes not.

Your tolerance of & participation in dress-up and the parade of other
animals brought into the home. The true friendship of one named Zip.

Your tail that never stopped wagging... and smile that never stopped smiling
at us

Your barking announcement always of visitors, scrambling to get to the door
first to be sure we were safe. In time, a different bark to let me know
Melissa or Ashley had come home safe.

The excitement of birthdays and holidays and your secret ‘santa’ named
Melissa - you always knew didn’t you? You celebrated the happiest & most
joyous moments for all of us.

Freckles my dear, you were with my children during moments a mother can’t
intrude upon - during those private, soul searching, heart breaking moments
of adolescense when they realize the world can hurt, through imperfection of
parents and other adults, through cruelty of peers, drama of boyfriends and
first loves, and as they find the inner strength to chart their own course
of right and wrong. Likewise, you were my confidant during some very
important moments for me. You are the secret keeper of all secret keepers.

The bottom line is that I think through yours eyes you had a pretty good
life ... but as good as you had it, I know we had it better for having you.
What a constant love you were and we will always miss you. Thank you for
being part of the Carr Family for 15 years. Peace... and I’ll see you at
the Rainbow Bridge.

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