Diesel, Gemma, Holly & Sam

Diesel with wings - Osteosarcoma 3rdDec. '93-9thMay '02

Gemma Spirit Girl - Lung Cancer/Enlarged Heart 3rd Dec '95-25th May 2005

Angel Holly - Haemangiosarcoma 10thJune '97-29th Nov '03

Cherub Samson - Osteosarcoma 10thJune '97-29th April '05


Diesel with wings - Osteosarcoma 3rdDec. '93-9thMay '02

My Heart Dog, dx with osteosarcoma 19th Feb 2002. You struggled with this horrible disease for 12 1/2 short, but very long, weeks. Never did you complain about the pain, or the medicines that you took without a whimper. My brave boy, we helped you to the bridge on 9th May at the age of just 8 1/2. You slipped peacefully from this world held fast in my loving embrace. You were ready to go, I was unwilling, but it was the last gift I could give you.

Surrounded by your skin family and your mate, Gemma, sons Sam and Bear and little daughter Holly, you left this plateau, to run free on 4 good legs in the next. Sadly now, for me, Holly, Sam and Gemma are now with you. Bear is carrying on in your footsteps until he is called to be with you all. Please, God may that be, a long way off. Be happy, my baby boy, Love forever Mum/Kathy


Gemma Spirit Girl - Lung Cancer/Enlarged Heart 3rd Dec '95-25th May 2005

3.50pm on 25th May sweet Gemma girl was helped to the bridge by Jenny. I sat on the floor holding her sweet head, great tears dropping on the velvety muzzle. It took seconds to ease her suffering as she was totally worn out, her breathing was so strained and difficult it was amazing she had made it this far.

She had had two episodes where she had stopped being able to draw breath and watching that was absolutely devastating to me. Watching her claw and scrabble for breath, biting the air, desperate to breath again. I think I talked her through those times and calmed her enough that she again could breath. Words can not describe those frightening moments, moments that lasted a life time for us both.

Fly high and free my sweet one, breath that fresh air and chase those naughty rabbits and rats. Play with Diesel, lick Holly's face and cuddle with Sam. You are whole and healthy again, no arthritis and no pesky chickens to eat your chewbones.

I miss you more than I could possibly write, or express, words do not do justice to the ache in my heart, the dreadful knowledge that I will never again hear you mournfully howl in the night for no reason, that I wont have to move you out of the way so I can open the dishwasher or tell you to slow down on the tiled floor when you chase Aaron. Never to have you lick my arm or my face or hear Dad say that you have pulled the hairs out of his arm with your teeth.

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