She was a seet little girl, so proper for a Collie. Her large size ammounted for how large she was at heart. Beautiful honey depths that seemed so motherly at times she watched us when we played like a mother over her pups. She would wash us play with us and even scold us when we were bad. Beautiful orange and white fur and lovely floppy ears.

She was my hero when I was younger, but she died so many years ago I cant even remeber the exact date, someone had poisoned her with a chicken bone. She died in my brothers arms and we burried her under a beautiful Faeriy palm tree...But have long senice left that house. Now as the years have passed and I have grown older I have decided to erect this Star for lady.. .In hopes when I go to the Rainbow bridge she'll be there banner held high wagging just for me.

I love you lady..

Love Philip and Megan

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