(December 3, 1993- July 5, 2005)

Lander, you were a special gift to me, a gentle, sweet and loving soul. From the time I brought you home as a fluffy 8-week old puppy, my life with you was far richer. I remember our first night together when I let you sleep by my side when you were scared. I can't believe your time has passed so quickly - I miss you so much, and I miss the adventures we always went on together.

I love you more than you will ever know. What I wouldn't give to have another day with you right now. Oh, how you and I loved to get in the truck and go explore! My memories of our trips to the mountains and deserts are vivid and will always be with me. When I'm there again, I know you will also be there with me, in spirit. I will always cherish the time we had, and the grace and beauty you brought into my life. You are missed dearly by your family and friends.

Lander, just know that I will see you again, on the other side of the rainbow bridge. And when I do, we will adventure together once again in the mountains we both love so much.

With all our Love,
Don, Christy, and Luska

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