My dogs' name is Oscar. I called him Ozzie a lot, for a nickname. He was 3-1/2 years old today (Sept. 10th) when he passed away. He was stung by yellow jackets repeatedly (at least 70 times) He fought all thru the night, and passed away in the arms of emergency veterinarians, whom cared for him the best they could.

Ozzie was a boy pug. I raised him from 6 weeks old. He grew up with me, and became a very proud young man. He absolutely loved to run loose, and run as hard as he could, carrying his tail straight out in back of him. At all other times his tail was tightly curled over his back. He displayed a perfect heart shaped crescent on his forehead, and always had a very quizzical look for you. He learned very well, and was very intelligent.

Ozzie knew when Dad was going away in the truck, and loved to ride along. He learned the command TRUCK, and jumped in every time the door was open. By age 3 Ozzie was beginning to protect his property, and his family. If anyone came close to his property he would begin to woof, to let Dad know someone was there. He never once hurt anyone, or anything in nature. He only loved life.

Ozzie was a very loving pet, and he knew that he was loved in return. He gave his love freely, and was ecstatic whenever Dad came home from a long week on the road. He always slept with his Dad, and knew just which corner of the bed to go to, so as not to disturb his Dads' sleeping.

Ozzie's spirit remains alive and well. He will never, ever be forgotten. I have asked God to look for him, as Ozzie must surely sit next to the Lord himself. His pure innocence is deserving of the after life with God.

Ozzie, I will always watch your spirit in the DogStars. Go ahead now, and be with God. Until we meet again my loving friend and faithful companion. Your Dad!!

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