Sept 20, 1987 - October 11, 2002

Spike was my beloved dog for 15 years. I named her Spike because I thought Snoopy's friend Spike was awesome cool and so I always wanted a dog named Spike. So even though she was a girl dog, she didn't mind because she knew she must be cool to have such a cool name.

Spike lived through my difficult pregnancy and loved my son Michael from the day he was born. She lived in fear of my screaming ex-husband and developed emotional problems that went away when we got divorced. She was always by my side. I miss her VERY VERY much and will always love her. I wish I had been more comforting in her final weeks, but I know she forgave me. Saying good-bye to her was the hardest thing I have ever done.

She is an awesome dog who will live in my heart forever and we will meet again in heaven some day.

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