Bootsie Bear

Bootsie Bear; time with you was just too short. But I know all the medicines were wearing you down, and I had to let you go. It was the hardest goodbye I've ever faced, and haunts me every day. I know you're up at the Bridge, waiting for me. And I know you're my guardian angel.

Thank you for loving me so deeply, unselfishly, and needlessly. I did nothing to deserve your constant devotion. But I thank God you gave it anyway. And thank you for teaching me what it is to unconditionally love something. Life without you isn't the same, and never will be. I promise, when I get to heaven, I'll bring some jerky strips with me. And I'll be waiting for the "kisses" I know you'll shower me with. And when that day comes, we can go over together.

I love you so much; my dog, my friend, my better half.

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