Glen Alwin Gem

Glen Alwin Gem

April 27, 1991 - October 8, 2005





Gem came to me when she was 9 months old, my sisters Marlene (may she rest in peace) and Trish bought her intending to do activities with her, Marlene was going to do sheepherding and Trish was going to do flyball and agility with her. I would quite often visit my sister Marlene and Gem would always be sitting at the gate in the kitchen just staring at the cats, you would call her name "Geeeem" and she would try so hard to look at you but she just couldn't take her eyes of the cat that was sleeping down at the end of the hall, till the very end she would herd the cat.

I asked Marlene if I could take her out for a walk, she said "sure!!". Gem and I spent most of that day together, I brought her home to my place and phoned Marlene and asked her if she could spend the night, she said "sure she can". Gem never left..........

I had Gem for just over 13 1/2 wonderful years, she was my agility, flyball, sheepherding, musical freestyle, drill team, and my forever loving companion. We travelled to alot of places, including Las Vegas twice for a flyball tournament. Because of Gem's strong herding instinct she would herd everything including when she was in the car she would chase the telephone poles, cars and mailboxes that went by, I still remember her head being right next to mine as she waited anxiously for the next thing to pass so she could jump to the back end of my car. Gem would never sleep on my bed like most dogs, she preferred to sleep under it! but I always knew where she was.

I knew the day was going to come as she started to get older, first it was retirement from a long career of flyball and then shortly after that it was retirement from agility, she couldn't jump anymore and was knocking bars off, she was slowing down and her body couldn't move as well as it used to. So I retired her and she spent most of her days here at home basking in the sunshine, chasing the odd ball, or the other dogs. She always greeted me with a wagging tail when I came home from work, coming out to say hi, but as the days grew on it was harder for her to get up, I knew this summer was the last summer we would have together, I knew I was going to have to let her go before winter set in, but even knowing all that it was still the hardest decision to make. Gem had been losing control of her back end and couldn't control her bladder, I knew it was time, I think she did to, as she didn't eat the night before. I made the appointment with my vet, I took her for her last car ride, she was a trooper, I said goodbye, asked her to say "hi" to my sister Marlene when she got to Heaven, told her everything was going to be ok and that she was going to heaven.

Gem went peacefully on October 8, 2005, she gave me one last kiss as if to say thank you and goodbye.

Gem you lived up to your name, thank you for letting me part of your life for over 13 years, you were a gem of a dog. Where ever you are I hope you have found Marlene and are playing flyball and running and chasing the ball like you loved to do.

I will see you again then we can be together again.....................this time forever.

Gem will be forever missed by all the people she came into contact with, but mostly by me.


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