Holly, our beautiful, velvety-black Bichon-Cocker Cross:

Holly has left us, and gone to join her sister, Lint, in Heaven. Holly was sweet, gentle and very lovingly affectionate. She was a bit of a trouble-maker with the garbage, but aren't most dogs? Holly loved to have her tummy rubbed and her ears scratched, and always wanted it to go on endlessly. Holly may have seemed "remedial" in many ways, but she was much smarter than she let on... She was crafty, and often very successful at catching mice and birds, and could spend HOURS watching the birds and squirrels in the trees... She wanted so much for that squirrel to come out of the tree so she could chase it!!

Like all dogs Holly was fascinated with cats, but she only ever wanted them to play and be friends with her - I guess she just didn't get that cats and dogs don't so much like each other... Holly did her best to take care of and protect us after we lost Lint - BIG paw prints to fill!! We loved Holly very much as a member of our family, and we miss her dearly.

"Good night, Holly-Bear. Sweet dreams, Holly-Bear."

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