September 22, 2005 my dog Huey passed away. Huey died in his sleep on his favorite bean bag chair last night some that early morning. I just can't believe he's gone. He was just over 1 year old and yesterday we were just playing and he was running all over the place.

The vet said he died of a genetic heart defect called "patent duct arteriosis". Basically this means that he died of a heart attack. This gives me more peace knowing it was nothing we did and the neighbors didn't poison him. The vet who did the autopsy is the husband of my mom's boss and he didn't charge us for anything, which was nice. We buried Huey out in the woods by a pond. I just couldn't bare the thought of him being cremated.

We got Huey from the Scott County Dog Rescue in Winchester, IL, or should I say that I did, the beginning of March this year. We'd decided that I could get a dog, but George didn't really want one so he'd make me feel guilty whenever I'd mention getting one. When he was away in London visiting his family my mom told me about this dog rescue because she knew the lady who ran it. So, we looked online at all the dogs and then my parents and I went over to look at the dogs. The one I'd thought about didn't turn out to be what I wanted, but Becky (foster mom) brought all the dogs one by one to meet me and my parents. Huey was the only one who came straight to me and I knew he was the one - besides, he didn't stink as bad as the other dogs and was well behaved. Huey had been abandoned as a puppy and they think he was abused as well. But, Huey had a good 6 months with us. Huey stuck by my side every day until he died. I was his 'alpha' I think as they call it. I called him my boy. Just last week when I was mad at George I had him sleep on George's spot of the bed just to get back at George...haha.

We took him here to my parents and grandparents last weekend - he LOVED car rides and he especially loved it there because he didn't need his leash on. We took him out in the boat on the lake with us and he wouldn't sit by anyone but me. Yesterday was a good day though. He got a bath early in the morning because he'd rolled in something gross (and he hates baths), then I took him for a walk, and then back downstairs with me until he dried off. He was shivering so I wrapped him in my blanket that I kept on the bean bag. After awhile we went over to visit the neighbors who loved Huey. They are the ones who watched him while we were on vacation. We played fetch with him in the front yard and he was wild as usual, but having the time of his life. Yesterday evening we went to some friends for a Bible study group from our church and Huey was smelling me all over when I came home because they have a dog. I told him "you know Huey, you're the only dog for me" (or something like that). Soon we were playing again and I told him "ok, let's go to bed" and he ran up the stairs to our room where he'd sleep by our bed at night. Sometime during the night he went down to our living room and that's where we found him - curled up in a ball like he always slept there.


We will love you forever and hope to see you in heaven!

Love, Carrie and George and everyone else who knew you

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