Cowboy Jack

Our little one-eye street urchin rescued from the sad dog streets of Mexico we cannot believe you are no longer here with your family. We miss your 'big-dog' bark greeting us when we arrive home. We miss you sweet soft kissed on the end of our noses. We miss the utter joy you had in your twice daily feast, ok maybe more than that if you count the greenies, cat food, and cat poo! There is an emptiness in our hearts Jack as your little dog body contained the biggest dog heart.

If the world created companion one special one for each person you Jack, were made 'especial' for Kelly...bark loud Jack, play hard little man, and never forget how you stole our hearts away...keep a look out for Misha 'cause I am sure she is lost without us too!

Love Kelly, Pam, Wendy, Oscar and Sam

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