7/96 - 10/21/2005

In July 96 Jake walked out of a wooded area onto our driveway and hearts. We were grateful that Jake choose us to visit Jake was one of our dogs. We also have 2 others Timber & Sammie. Well on 10/20/05 I left for work at 2pm. All was well. Cheri came home at 3:30 pm. She noticed Jake was in distress and weak. After calling me Jake was taken to the vet. Jake had nodules on his spleen one ruptured his spleen, immediate surgery was the only option. Jake pulled through the surgery, we were relieved and greater hope than ever grew in our hearts. Cheri transferred Jake to an all night vet facility. I was going to pick him up in the morning. As I was pulling into the neighborhood Cheri called me crying " Jake is crashing at the hospital. " Needless to say, we were there in minutes. Jake was getting CPR. A great team of people were working for him. Jake and I were real real close. I protected him from Timber. I siad a few silent prayers while rubbing his neck and ear, like I always did. That made things better. Well

Jake began to breathe on his own. A few minutes later he began to go into distress again. The vets worked hard again. I continued to pray, Jake began to breathe again on his own, but not as strong this time. I then said " Jake if God want you then go, It is O.K. Go to God. It is OK. 4 breathes later Jake walked on to the RAINBOW BRIDGE. We miss him. A great dog that was happy with a bowl of water, and a pat on the head. That was all he wanted and our love.

We miss you Jake!!!!! Kevin and Cheri.

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