Einstein Jane Israel

Einstein Jane Israel

born December 11, 1992

died June 21, 2005

A great friend and companion, she was at my side until the last moment. From the beginning she suffered through many diseases - cancer (three times) meningitis, encephalitis, colitis and on and on - and yet she always bounced back and never complained. She was a happy doggy and never asked for anything except a good tummy rub and a yummy biscuit. She was so beautiful and put up with everything I asked her to do...all of the clothes and coats and outfits I asked her to wear, all of the tricks I asked her to perform, all of the places I asked her to go.

She lived for the weekend when we would go up to our house in the country...nothing made her happier. She would wake up from her snooze as we turned onto the dirt road leading up to the house and start wagging her tail. She could barely wait to run into the bedroom, grab her toy "Cowsie" and place him in the living room and then spend time running around outside. A typical Tibetan Terrier, she was mischievous and always made me laugh. I will spend the rest of my life missing her. My beautiful, angelic, sweet, loving, kind, dear Einstein Jane. I know you are resting easy now.

I love you. xxx

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