Our dog's name was Oreo. She was born on Nov. 18th 1996. When we first went to get her she was with all of her brothers and sisters on a farm. There were so many dogs but one stuck out from the rest. A little pup that was black and white with a hint of brown. She kind of stayed away from the group but she had something about her that got my attention.

From that point on I knew she was special. We got her and spent many great years with her. She loved to go swimming in our pool during the summer. I think that was the highlight of her life. Every year we would go swimming with her and she would go even if we weren't in the pool. She would even jump the fence to get in.

But this past Aug. something horrible happened, something we never would have dreamed of. At the beginning of Aug. 2005 Oreo was diagnosed with cancer. It attacked her spleen and eventually spread. We had her spleen removed and that helped her out for a couple of months. Then she would get really tired and not eat, she would barley even walk. Medicine helped her out for about another month but at around 3 am on Oct. 25th Oreo had one of the worst nights in her life. She woke up coughing and couldn't catch her breath. All of the color in her gums and her ears was gone.

At that point we knew the time was coming. We did everything we could but on Oct. 29th, 2005 we layed Oreo to rest. We woke up at 8 am and took her for a long ride. Then we took her to the park for a long walk, and she ended up going in the Grand River for a little bi t. After that we took her back home and gave her a big meal. Then the time to let her go came at noon on that day.

She brought so much joy and energy to our family, she will always be missed. We will never forget you Oreo, you will always be in our hearts.

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