In loving Memory of Peanut Guell
February 3, 1996-October 20, 2005
We'll meet again--my puppy

Peanut you were such a loving friend
A companion until the very end
You left us on that october day
And now beneath the ground you lay
I miss you my little one
Now run little puppy to the sun
Where Jesus will take you to his place
And you will stay eternally safe
and wait there buddy for me
And I can't wait until I can finally see
You once best friend
And all of my tears and love I happily send
To you up in heaven..have fun up there
And I will always remember you down here with loving care

You'll always be in my heart buddy
I'll never forget you..I'm alway thinking of you
and I know your always thinking of me

"In Christ there are no goodbyes..and in Christ there is no end"

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