Rufio & Moira

Rufio (left): 7/93 - 10/05 ; Moira: 4/95 - 9/05

My Sweet Sheperds

You were there for me thru thick and thin
in acres of grass and concrete condo's
You never complained

You crossed the country with me
and welcomed new lands

Moira gave sweet gentle kisses on my toes
Rufio gave me great big bear kisses

You came into my life - two years apart
yet had to leave me only a month apart
Two losses - what a cross to bare

Rufio, you told me goodbye when you
stared into my eyes. I know you said
for me to be strong and that our love
would never fade. You told me you'd
see me again one day, and that
even though you could no longer be
by my side, you'd be in my heart.

I kissed you goodbye Moira, I know
your spirit was in the room. You were
the first to go. I know you waited in
anguish for your Rufio to follow.

Now you are together, yet I feel so
alone. But I'll never let you go -
nor will we ever forget

for you will be near
always in our hearts

We love you.
and miss you
so very very much

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