12/2/83 4/7/99

Spunky has been gone for over 6 years now, but there is not a day gone by where we have not thought and talked about her. She was one of the smartest, most persistent , and most loyal dogs we have ever known. She loved to open coconuts in her methodical way, and her most favorite pastime was to swim in the pool. She would tread water for the longest time and bite at the water falling from the sliding board. We will never forget the night that we were gone, and Spunky sniffed out the box of gift-wrapped treats under the Christmas tree.

Spunky and our other dog, Smokey, devoured the entire box of treats, and looked so innocent when we returned home. Spunky loved the game of hide and seek, where we hid her treats in extremely difficult places, and yet she found them every time. She always remembered to look first in the places she had previously found treats. Spunky would look deep into your eyes and there was never a doubt what she was thinking. She was there by our sides whenever we were sick or just needed a companion.

We know she is together with our other loved pets, Smokey, Vickie and Goober, and that they are taking care of each other.

We miss you Spunky, and will never forget you.

Love you Spunky,

Roy, Jane, Casey and Katie

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