Forever Loved...Forever Missed

To our ungraceful Swimmer

To our Fierce Frisbee Misser

To our Pheasant Flusher

To our Mascot for any occasion

You have given our family such happy times, such great memories.

Our home will always be “Sugar’s Shack”

There has never been as great a dog, a person as you.

You sat like a human, you acted like a human, you communicated as well as any human.

You are the sweetest girl I have ever known.

You will always be with us.

You are more of an angel than real angels.

Sugar appeared in our lives about 81/2 years ago. She had been abused and would not come out of her shell until I walked on my hands and knees for two weeks around her. Then there was no stopping her. She was our mascot at our Coffee Bar at a mall, then she became “Trade an Olympic Pin with the Pin Puppy” for the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. She wanted to be dressed up for any holiday. Halloween she had her own costume, and being white, it was easy to spray paint her green for St. Patty’s or Red, White, and Blue!

She was the nucleus of our family. She was the glue that kept it all together. I especially leaned on her when my partner went to Iraq for 12 months. Although she was the protector and alpha, she was the clown that made us laugh continually. If the water dish was out, and I was asleep, it would land on my head every time, and I would wake up to a big white boxer standing over me.

I will never find a dog like her, nor will the hole in my heart ever be repaired. She was one in a billion. AND if dogs go to heaven, she is on some angel’s couch right now snoring really loudly.

Love Always, Mell

P.S. We love and miss our sweet Sugar Dog, too - From Charlotte & Kurt

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