Buster we miss you very much. We put to to rest not because of money, but because you were in pain. We miss you so much, you were so special to me and you have a place in my heart always. Rest in peace baby.

Love, Heather your mommy

For every one else i would like to tell you his story on how he became my dog.

We adopted Buster from a pets mart in Macon, GA at 2 years old. He picked me out of many other people there. I don't know how to say it in words but I knew he wanted to come home with me. Well I guess his wish came true, because we called my grandparents up and asked if they would love to have a beagle mix pit, that has been fixed and is very sweet. They said yes so we adopted him.

We kept him at my grandparents house all his life, but i always came over to see him and play with him. He loved me very much he hated when I had to leave. Years pasted, and he became old. This past January he turned 13 years old. He started to show old age at last. He stopped playing he just wanted to be loved on, he started getting skinny. Finely he stopped eating that's when we took him to the vet. It was heart braking to find out when we got there he had a heart problem. We could of treated it but there was no way to fix the problem. We had him put down on the 22nd of March 2006...

It hurt me so much to do this. He was loved by not just me but my family. He was treated like one of us. He will be missed very much, no dog can ever take his place.

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