Casey & Jesse

Casey (left); Jesse (right)

Casey: April 1994-December 2005

Casey was my beautiful girl. She passed at 11yrs. old and had a great life. She didn’t like strangers, but loved her family very much! She always used to “sing” to me when I came home…she was a sweet girl! She is survived by Jesse, her litter mate and companion. We all miss her very much and look forward to the day that we get to see her again.

Jesse: April 1994-January 2006

Jesse came to live with me as a 5wk. old puppy and lived to be almost 12yrs. Old. He was always a fighter as far as the health issues he faced, but after his litter mate, Casey, passed he seemed to give up the fight and the cancer that had returned seemed to get the best of him only a month and a half later. Jesse was such a funny little guy with an ornery streak a mile wide! They say that dogs become like their owners when they come to live with them at an early age and Jesse is a testament to that! I miss my boy so badly but I know that he is no longer sick or hurting. I can’t until the day that I get to see him again!

You guys were such a funny pair! You used to make me smile when I could find nothing else to smile about. As I always told you, you made my heart happy and I appreciate your unconditional love more than I could have ever made you understand.

I love you both and miss you terribly,

Your human mom

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