October 4th 1991-July 23rd 2004

My Beloved Chelsea, Oh how we miss you. You were our lil' princess and you went everywhere with me in your lil' bag. You were my best friend and the best mom any puppy would want to have. Your daughter also misses you, but bebe understands you had to go. you were suffering, when I brought you in that day to the vet and he said it would be best to put you to sleep I was heartbroken. When we got home I felt I had let you go to soon, that maybe you would have lived longer but even though you didn't show it I knew you were suffering.

Now every day I look in to your daughters eyes I think of you and all the love you gave me over the last 13 yrs. I cry everyday when I pass the park where I scattered your ashes, you used to love it there- laying in the sunshine chewing a rawhide. I love you chellie and I Know me and bebe will see you again someday. R.I.P. my lil' chi baby. I LOVE YOU!

MOMMY (Samantha) & Bebe (your daughter)

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