Rocky (left); Kirby (right)

Rocky - 7/26/90 to 2/03/06

Rocky, we are still miscounting the number of treats we take from the jar, ending up with "one extra" which reminds us you're gone. I look for you in the morning, and again have to face that you are no longer here.

Jen came to visit and heard a dog howl and said she had to think for a second b/c it sounded like you. After she looked around she saw little Spanky in the yard. She said the little guy is starting to sound just like you with that funny yodel like bark.

You spent the first 6 months of your life as an unwanted and confused puppy, twice adopted and brought back. Yet when we saw you we knew you would fit right into our family and you became one of us. We gave you what you lacked; a home, a family, love and a place where you belonged. You grew up to be a wonderful boy. We can recall all those little things you did that made you so special; such as snatching our used bath towels and rolling in them, howling until you got a treat when you came back inside, and bumping us with your cold "rubber" nose to get our attention.

On the day you crossed the bridge you would have been proud to know how much you were loved and wanted

You are no longer in pain; you can hear and see again, and no longer have diabetes. We all miss you so much, especially Jen. She had a special connection with you, and even shared a birth date. When you became so sick, she was there to give you extra TLC, and was also there when the end came. We will see you again someday little boy.


Kirby - 12/16/83 to 3-26-99

Kirby you were my "heart dog"; a mama's boy, and part of my soul. Everytime I see a schnauzer I compare him to you. Sometimes I see little things Teddy does that remind me of you in one way or another, and wonder if you are whispering in his ear, telling him how to enter my soul. A few times lately I've even slipped and for some reason called him by your name, only to feel a little foolish. Then again he was born on the day we lost you, so maybe a small part of you is in him too?

When we first laid our eyes on you, prancing like a little pony, we knew you fit into our lives like a missing puzzle piece. You watched the kids grow up into adults. You moved with us to three states. You also traveled with us on vacations. I embraced your stubborn streak, maybe b/c I am pretty stubborn myself. You were also so smart and at times very human like. Everybody who met you was drawn to that large personality in a little body, and you even inspired two of our friends to adopt schnauzers. If I was too busy, you would go to Joe; he was your boy and playmate. It's hard to imagine he's now grown up and has a home of his own.

It seemed like eternity before the hole left in our family and hearts would mend after you left us. It took a long time before I could look at pictures of you or even say your name without tears rolling down my cheeks. Over time I remembered the funny things, and happy times. The little things you did that made you special, like no matter what the temperature was you always would crawl under the covers and snuggle very close to me. Or how you'd sneak into just about every picture we took; later seeing you in each one like "a Where's Waldo" book.

I'm sure you didn't want to leave us but your little heart was tired and you kidney's were failing. I spent so long trying to run away from losing you in my life, but Rocky's passing brought back how much I wish you were still with us and how much I still ache for you. I wish I could remember your bark, but as much as I try I can't. I dreamt of you last night, so I know you're on my mind still after all this time. The song by Diamond Rio pretty much sums it up; One more day with you would be my wish.

But you are young again, healthy, and no longer in pain. Rocky is with you now to play together all day. There will come a day when I will see you again, and you will sit in my lap once more my dear little man. I love you Kirby Bear!

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