My dog Lilly died on March 15, 2006. She was 15 yaers old. Lilly was my baby. We formed a bond unlike any I've ever had with a human. She gave me unconditional love. As she got older she started to get arthrites in her knees and hips, but she never complained. She was always so happy to see me and loved giving me kisses when I needed them the most.

I'm 24 years old and for the past few years I've been very ill and in and out of the hospital. Thinking of seeing Lilly when I would get out of the hospital was one of the few things that would cheer me up. On March 15th, I was leaving the hospital after having been there for a few days and I couldn't wait to see my baby. When I got home, Lilly wasn't there. My dad told me she had a seizer that morning and he had her put to sleep. I couldn't believe it. She was totally fine and happy when I left. My dad did not have her cremated which is what I would have wanted. I never got to say goodbye to my baby. This left a huge hole in my heart, but as the days go on I try to find ways to fill it with special memories of her.

Lilly, I will never ever forget you. You were my first and only pet, and you cannot be replaced. I will love you forever and can't wait to see you again someday in heaven.

Goodbye my sweetheart.



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