Max Schwartz

Max Schwartz was an amazing little man!! He survived a deviated septum, a shunt, cancer of the lung and finally congestive heart failure. He was our little buddy. He had a little toy we called his baby and he loved that baby and we would say" Get your baby Max" and he would run for his baby. He had such spunk.

We had him for 12 years and while he was a pistil of a boy, he was an angel with my daughter Lauren. They bonded from day one and he slept with her and kept her safe. He had is own personality and as a puppy he played hard had a great time. Unfortunately, he had health problems through out his life and that changed things for him. He was amazing and fought hard with his illnesses. He hung in there from day one and we loved him with all we had. To let him go was so hard, but we loved him enough to give him the life he deserved.

We love you Max with all our hearts, and to the end of our lives we will never have you out of our hearts. You are a special little man and you brought such joy to our lives. Sugar misses you and we're sure she will see you one day. We will all see you one day!!!

We love you so much!!!

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