We lost our little Poo on March 10, 2006. Poo was a beautiful Red Pomeranian and the joy of our lives. Poo was only two and a half. Where ever we went Poo went unless it was to hot out and I would stay home with him. Poo was my husband's shadow, he made every step.

The last two weeks he had been acting a little strange, maybe he knew his time here was coming to an end, I don't know. I only know our hearts are broken, and I don't think they will ever mend. Poo was just so smart. He would sit up in my husband's lap and they would have their little talks, he would just sit up on his hunches like a little man.

Poo you were a little star and we want you to have your own. We know we will see you again one day, and it will be such a day of happiness. I do believe you knew it was your time to go, Daddy said you looked right at him, then ran out in front of that car. At least you didn't suffer my sweet baby. I know you can look down and see your little grave.

I have planted you many little flowers, Your final resting place is as beautiful as you were. I am going to get you some more Angels. You are right in the front so we can always see you. My beautiful, beautiful, Poo I just don't want to let you go, it is so hard. I miss you jumping at the door at 4am every morning wanting back in. All I could see was that little head peeping at me.

You took a piece of our hearts with you, but you also left a piece of your heart here with us. May you play happily, sleep peacefully, feel loved always, until the day comes when we will greet one another again and broken hearts are mended forever.

We love you Poo.

Mommy and Daddy

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