In Memory,

As a child I had a love for dogs and always new that when I grew up I would have my own. My husband and I met in 1995 and were due to get married in May of 1998. We had a family member who's dog had had boxer puppies in April of 1997. We were still living with our parents at the time but fell in love with this one particular puppy-- bought her for $200 and named her Roxanne (Roxi). My husband kept her in his room in a cage when we weren't there until he moved into what would become our house when we got married. Roxi was a VERY entergetic dog for a few years. She would dig holes in the back yard and chew comforters off the bed, but despite all of these things she was very loving. She got to be about 3-4yr old and settled down. She was very well mannered into her young and mid-aged adulthood. Everyone who came over, had to see Roxi and she loved the attention. We at this time had two other dogs, Xina 7 1/2 pek-yorky mix and Dutchess 1 1/2 Bulldog. The three of them would play for hours.

In Dec 2005, Roxi had some lumps removed and the pathology report came back that she had cancer and at this time we were given 6mths to 1 yr time frame. On Feb 4th Our entergetic Roxi became very weak and lethargic. Stopped eating and started urinated on the floor. We took her to the vet and were sad to hear it wouldn't be long. We decided that we weren't ready at this time to let her go, so we brought her back home with pain meds. We babied her for the weekend and cuddled her. By Mon Feb 6th, She wouldn't walk, my husband carried her 81 lbs around the house this day until the vets could fit us in. We had an appt. at 3:10pm, but at 1pm Roxi bacame much worse and we couldn't stand to see her suffering anymore. We called the vets and they said we could bring her right in. We held her, and watched our 5 yr old Twins Kennedy and Zachery say goodbye. It was heartwrenching. We picked her up and carried her to the van and my husband cuddled her for the car ride. We arrived at the vets and were wisked into a room promptly for to not put us through anymore suffering. My husband and I surrounded her with love and held her in her last moments of life while she drifted off to sleep very peacefully. We then said our finally goodbyes with great reluctance and let the vet take her.

I never dreamed that a dog could leave such a void especially when you have more than one. You think that it will easier if you don't have to go home to an empty house, but it's not. You wonder how the other pets are dealing with this loss and feel a huge void in the house. I know Rox is in a better place but wish we could have had a few more years with this amazing dog. "Roxi hold on to that balloon we let go for you the kids will want it when we all meet again!!!"

With Love from your family,

Daddy, Mommy, Kennedy, Zach, Xina and Dutchess

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