Our precious little sweetheart, Shirley Valentine Pape, departed this life tonight March 14, 2006 at 7:03pm. Our little girl died in our arms without so much as a single complaint. She was a real trooper. The agony and pain this dog endured for almost four months is a tribute to her stamina. Shirley was stricken with an unknown ailment last Dec. 2005. Four Vets, blood work, x-rays, medications, swollen glands and no one could tell us or help us save our little girl. S he had her up and down days. Wed think this was it and she would fool us and rebound. Last Saturday, after a long ride to the Vet and returning home, Shirley began her death march. She stopped eating and drinking but I was able to get a little into her. She began to have trouble standing and could not walk anymore.

The last 4 months have been hell with the constant vomiting. She could only tolerate baby food and yogurt, but she struggled on but the decision was made that the time was now. She could not even hold up her head anymore.

Shirley came to us from Minnesota. She was born 10-8-1996. When I brought her home, she was so small she fit in the palm of my hand. She grew to 16 pounds but her illness knocked her back to 9.6

Shirley was a stubborn, hard headed my way only dog. She fought to be the alpha but had to give up that title. I always called her my little construction puppy because from the very beginning of her life she was curious when I did things around the house. She was not afraid of loud hand tools to the point she got in the way yet she was always welcome to help, I loved her so much.

Shirley would always seek me out her entire life to be with me at my feet whether I was in the bathroom, computer room, and kitchen or wherever Shirley was by my side.

To some, she was just a dog, but I must be silly to some to become so attached to a dog, but she was my four legged child and I did all I could do for her these past months hoping to get her back to what she once was, but it was not to be.

Shirley loved when I played the piano or Organ and would lie at my feet. Last night she could not get off the couch but I played for her and I would look over at her and she was looking at me. She loved to have her toes massaged and I enjoyed doing it because of that and she would lick me as I did it. Last night I massaged her neck, ears and lymph glands and she really liked that a lot. Everyday of her life, this dog waited for me to come home from work eagerly jumping into my arms to say hello while wagging her tail. She loved to ride in cars I walked her almost everyday. When we had a pool she even went swimming and ice-skating in the winter. She was with me when I cut the grass or shoveled the snow.

Shirley, I held you before you died and told you that I loved you so very much. I looked into your eyes and saw the love you had for me until the very end. One day I hope to join with you again. You came into my life full of energy and love. You walked all over my heart with your little toes for almost ten years. The pain I feel at your loss has broken my heart for now but will mend, as I know you are no longer in any more pain.

I would love dearly to have you back with me, to hold you, play with you, hear your bark and see your wagging tail. I told you before you died in my arms that I loved you; you were my sweetheart and cute little girl. You have now gone onto a life with no pain and I am grateful for that. I love you I love you my sweet adorable little Shirley. You will be forever in my heart.

Sweet dreams of peace my little girl, thank you for bringing such joy to a part of my life!

I miss you already, I love you


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