You were the sweetest, kindest, and most lovable and friendliest dog I ever met, if you think just because I and mommy put you down that we have forgotten about you or that we don't love you anymore you do not know how wrong you are!!!

We would do ANYTHING to get you back.ANYTHING!!!!

We miss you sooooooooo much I myself do not know how I made it this far without you. You were here with me, mommy grandma and grandpa for 12 years!! Also you kept mommy, grandma, and Grandpa Company for a year before I was born and I am forever grateful to you for that.

I am the sorriest of the whole Smokey fan club. Why? Because if you and I remember correctly before we left for the vets office I whispered into your ear” I promise you Smokey I will never ever let the vets put you to sleep” I am so sorry. I made the biggest promise I could ever make in my 12 year old life and I BROKE IT!!!!!! I am so sorry. I will and can't ever forgive myself for that.

What ever I would have to give up getting you back I would not spend a second to hesitate I would give it up in a heart beat. I cry so hard every single night over you I am very surprised I even have 1 tear drop left in my eyes. You went through over 2 seizers and SURVIVED BOTH OF THEM!!!! And then that EVIL cancer just had to move into you right? Well I think you were the worst living thing on this earth that it could have chosen to move into. But; I guess God needed the best angel on earth.

But I just wish he could have given us just at least 1 or 2 more years and that he could have taken you a little more peacfully. Like this wonderful website said 'you have gone to dog star but you will NEVER EVER be forgoten'. Even though we have Susie you will always be in our hearts and souls and minds. Just please know and remember that you Smokey Howard Splettstoeszer will N E V E R, E V E R be forgotten or not cried for at night.

You will always be in my and our hearts, Your sister Sarah and your mommy Kate.

We will always love you ALWAYS!

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