Smokey Rueben

Smokey came to me two years ago from a shelter where I volunteer. His name was Reuben at the Shelter, but Smokey suited him better because he was completely black. He was about 10 years old and almost completely blind, not a good candidate for adoption, so we fostered him at our house - then he became part of our family.

He was a great dog, a little rascal getting to trouble and following me every where I went. If he was not underfoot I went looking for him because that was not like him. When Smokey came to the shelter it was right after serious rain and floods. We thought he was a displaced victim of the floods, and the fact that he was terrified of storms made that seem even more correct.

We treated him like one of the family and he was always a good boy (even when he was getting into trouble). Last night I put him into the gameroom where he had a nice sofa to sleep on, and I closed the dog gate. A bad storm came through at 11 pm and I thought he might be scared, but I had to get up at 5am and he was safe in his room, so I didn't go to check on him. A little after midnight the Police came to our door with his collar, saying he had been hit by a car. I thought this was a terrible mistake - he was sleeping in his room.....til I went to get him and found the door was open. We think the storm blew the door open and it spooked him, causing him to run.

I cried all day and could not find peace, until I talked to our local police department - I wanted to thank the officers who came to the house - and found that the person who had hit him was heartsick too and trying to find us. I talked to her a little while ago. Smokey was walking down the middle of the lane in a dark highway and since he was all black, she did not see him until it was too late. She kindly went back to see if she could help him, but he was already gone, then she called the Police so they would get him off the road and let us know what happened. I cannot tell you how m uch it means that she cared enough to let us know what had happened to our buddy. I hope that anyone who reads this knows how important it is that if you have an accident, to stop and try to help and to tell the family if you can. It makes a hard time much easier.

So I will miss you my dear little Smokey. Cheryl said when we meet in heaven, you will be able to see me for the first time.

Keep Ada Sr., Bear, Buddy, Ruckus and Grandma company til the rest of us get there.

I love you. Mom

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