Tasha & Niki

This is my baby, Tasha Savannah Hynes. She passed on, January 7, 2006. I loved her with all my heart. She was a survivor of distemper as a puppy, but lived to be 12 years old. The distemper caused neurological damage and she had seizures all her life. Finally, her body was so tired, she was almost blind, almost deaf, unstable and was falling down, I knew it was time to give her some rest. It was so hard, as all dog lovers know. Tasha...don't forget Moma....I will see you again...and you won't hurt anymore.

I love you, my angel dog.

This is my other girl, Niki Hynes. She passed on January 22, 2005 of cancer. She was so smart....she would stare you down until she made you understand what she wanted. She would say "I love you", and she was my protector. I had gotten her 6 months before I got Tasha, and they were 3 months apart in age. Both pound puppies, I could not have picked two more precious dogs. They were my children! In a years time, I have lost both of my girls, and I've lost a part of myself too. Niki...moma still cries over you, and there will never be another dog as smart as you. My companion, my protector, my friend.

Niki...Tasha has joined you now....please look after her, she needs you. Wait by the rainbow bridge for me.....one day we will never be parted again. I love you Niki....I always will.

Love, Moma

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