1 August 1992 - 24 March 2006

Beautiful Boy

My beautiful darling boy,

Every day for almost 14 years you were with me every step of the way and me with you. I still remember the very first day you came into my life - about 7 weeks old and the cutest puppy I had ever seen. You were so affectionate and giving and wanted nothing more than to be with the people folk who were now your guardians for life.

You have finally been taken from me and the pain and aching I feel to see you, touch you, kiss you and comfort you are at times unbearable. I miss you like crazy and can't believe that you're not here anymore to 'get me up' in the mornings to get you your breakfast (beef bones were a favourite) and hope that I'd be staying home with you to spend the day together.

Special, unique, gorgeous, one of a kind, beautiful and mine. How can I thank you for the time we had together? I loved you with every fibre of my being and it was a joy to have you in my life. I never imposed strict rules or tried to turn you into a command robot for my self gratification. I didnt pay attention to 'books' or people that supposedly know how dogs should be trained or how they should act. I see other dog owners so proud of their dogs when they have submitted and done what they are 'supposed' to. I was always so proud that you were yourself - and that was a very loving, giving, precious, confident, fearless and beautiful boy who was always so good. What a good boy you were - and all I had to do was pay attention and observe you to know what you needed. Sure you used to love to wait until I was in the shower before having a good old role on the carpet, but this was part of your personality, attitude and spunk that I loved. I would live my life 10 times over with you just the way you were.

I miss you terribly and you have left an indellible mark on my heart and soul that will never be erased. I mourn you, I love you and I wish that your life wasn't so much shorter than a humans. You didnt deserve to go out in sickness - not you munch.... Such a brave fighter. But I didn't get to choose how you went my beautiful. I look for you everywhere and have to find my solace in the hope that you are in a much better place. You can eat anything you want now my darling, be full - be happy.

You were never 'just a dog' to me. You were part of my little family and you are sadly missed. I love you and am so grateful that I have had the pleasure of knowing you in my life. You will never be far from my heart and you will be the brightest star in the sky to me.

Lots of love and hugs Mummy XXXXXXXXXX


Little Munch

Ten years ago I met the woman who was to become my wife, Little did I know that her dog would change my life. I was always a 'cat person' until Arnie came along, foolishly I had this idea that a dog should be nothing more than a pet. You know - live in it's kennel, eat dog food, go for walks when you feel like it, chase a ball, fetch, chew bones, be obedient and always looking to please their owner.

I wasn't expecting the profound change that Arnie brought about in me, day by day without me noticing. He didn't set out to try to change me, but by accepting me into his family (rather than the other way around) he helped me become the person I am today. This little furry being was so full of life, so full of love, and so full of enthusiasm for everything he did, I couldn't help but fall completely and hopelessly under his spell.

The beauty of Arnie (also known as The Munch, Beautiful Boy, Little Darling and about twenty other terms of endearment) is that he lived his life according to his own rules, he lived as himself without feeling the need to conform to the norm. He lived and loved without excuses, without expectations, without disappointment and without any fear.

His life was one exciting adventure after another. He would chase bees, birds, roos and cats. He caught a few blue tongues and king browns, he tackled a few echidnas and finally got to wrestle a roo. He made his own fun, in everything that he did.

Arnie taught me to love unselfishly, to forgive others, to concentrate on what's good in this life and don't sweat the small stuff. He taught me courage as I watched over him and helped my wife nurse him through four knee surgeries. He showed me that even when you are old, grey, and half-blind that life is still exciting if you allow your spirit to guide you and feel every moment.

We are not sure what finally killed him.

He recovered beautifully after his last surgery, and was running around like a three year old. Children passing him on his walks would comment that he was a cute puppy, I think he liked that.

After two weeks of sickness where he couldn't hold any food down, where he very quickly lost a lot of weight and was growing weaker every day, and even though he never lost that sparkle or that spirit or that beautiful smile, we had to make the hardest decision of all.

We will never forget you Arnie and we will love you always. Our lives been blessed for having you share yours with us. We are both better people for having known you. We hope that wherever you may be now, that you know that you are loved still, that we miss you so much everyday, and that we know you are now at peace.

Love you darling boy,

Daddy. XXX

PS. I am no longer a 'cat person'. I do believe that Arnie was a million beautiful things, that he was everything good in this life and he will never ever be 'just a dog' to me.

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