Ashley's Gang

Cori - Starlette aka "Star" - Moose - Reggie - Shannon - Holly - Tusmura - Lexie - Noel - Tabitha

These were my pets, and pets of my family members. Each of them holds a place near to my heart and I will always remember them and love them.

Moose, Your life was too short. I will always remember you, my little runt.

Cori, I'm sorry. I know you are at peace now.

Star, Your life was too short.. we wanted more time with you. Have fun with your friends now.

Shannon, I'm sorry I didn't realize... I loved you then, I love you now. Still can't believe you are gone.

Reggie, you will always be our best dressed.

Holly, You were so sweet, your soul will always live on.

Tusmura, I'm sorry you never got your second chance on earth, but you are living forever now in Heaven, happy and free of pain.

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