Our beloved boy Ben was born in May 1991 and became a part of our family in early 1992. He was our loving, faithful boy, who loved and protected us from the day he came into our lives.

Ben was loyal and fiercly protective, but playful and mischevious and sometimes downright naughty.

He had the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes which he wouldn't hesitate to use to his advantage if he thought he was in for a telling off.. one look at those eyes and you would melt.. all thoughts of discipline forgotten!

Everyone who encountered Ben fell in love with him. He was affable and friendly and gave affection readily.

Ben had been in our lives for 6 years when our eldest daughter came along. He soon became "mini mum" and would watch with worried eyes as she bagan to toddle, always at the ready to soften a fall.

Ben was RottweillerXAlsation and his breed made many people worry how he would behave with children. Again he proved his gentle nature when he showed his love and devotion for our children and never once a streak of jealousy or resentment upon their arrival.

When our youngest daughter was born Ben was 13 years old, but still his patience and love knew no bounds and he immediatley adored her.

We feel priveleged and honoured to have had 14 happy years of memories, love and laughter with Ben. Our lives will never be the same without him and he is missed greatly every day.

His spirit lives on in our memories and one day he will be with us again.

Ben, you are loved and missed and remembered everyday. Thank you for your love, faithfulness and companionship. We hope you are once again enjoying long walks and are free from pain.

Your loving family.. Mum, Dad, Mollie and Lilli xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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