Name: Buster
Age: 12

Breed: Black Lab/Bloodhound mix

I got Buster from our local humane society. When I walked in there he was lying on the cement floor looking up at me with his sad droopy eyes. I knew right then that I had to adopt him.

When I bought him they told me he was 2 years old. He ended up being 7 1/2 years old, but that didnt matter because him and I had an instant bond that lasted until the very end.

Although he was a VERY sweet dog, when it came to his food he could turn pretty defensive and mean. One day i had toast in the toaster and was sitting at the kitchen table on the internet, Buster came in and literally picked the toaster up by the cord trying to get the bread and ended up flinging the toaster right into my head. I ended up having to go to the E.R. because the pain was awful LOL I got back home and this big 90 lb dog came slouching towards me and started licking my face (which was a treat because he never gave kisses for some reason) he was apologizing for what he did.

We had so many regular routines daily with eachother. He knew everytime I sat down he would hear in a babyish voice "whatchu want" then he'de crawl into my lap with his front legs and expect to get pet. He loved taking walks and he loved the people he met along the way.

Even though he was never overly affectionate he was always there when you needed comfort.

Well needless to say my Busters love for food is what caused his death. He ended up getting pancreatitis and filled up with fluid. He was in the vets for a week. I was able to come visit him on the 4th day and he had kept pulling his IV out and couldnt move well, he was pulling himself forward with his paws to try to come to me out of the cage he was in. For a moment I could see a slight glimmer in his eye that he was happy to see his family. Soon after that we got a call from the vet that he was vomiting blood all over and it was time we put him to sleep.

When we got there he had crawled out of his cage to a blanket on the floor and just layed there looking like "its time" as he started to drift away we both held eye contact until his last breath and he was gone. A month later we decided (off of a whim) to take a look at the local animal shelter and there was a dog there that was just as sweet disposition wise. His name was Brutes. We decided to get him and after we took him home is when we realized that his name mixed up actually spelled out Buster. In all honosty I think that it was a sign sent from Buster. Brutes is a wonderful dog, he is as loving as Buster (maybe overly loving being he never stops licking you lol).

Buster did a good job :)

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