Little Earl

My litle chihuhuau mix bread named Earl, was attacked by a pit bull on April 7, 2006.He died sometime that weekend.I wasn't notified untill the following monday and didn't get a straight answer of when he actually passed.

My days and nights are consumed with my greif over him, he wasn't just a dog he was my kid. And I shall never get over the pain of loosing him. He was my comfort. When I cried and no one else cared my Little Earl was by myside no matter what. Sometimes even before I cried. He just knew I was about to and would come to myside.

I will tell you how i come to meet my Earl, and of his name. My father and 2 brothers were traveling down the road when Earl was spotted. In my 27 years of life , my Father has never picked up a stray, but when he saw Earl he knew he didn't belong on that road alone on a cold December day, when they stopped and opened the door Earl jumped in, as if he knew where he was suppose to be.

Our new friend was coverd with mange, poor baby didn't have any hair except on the back of his neck. When they brought him to me, we put him in the bathroom, I went in to check him out. I just said we'll I got You, I don't know what to do with you but maybe we can fix you. and then I said to the dog, whats your name. as I did he raised his head high in the air and howled and it sounded just like Earl, so thats what I called him.

For 4 years that little angel, brought my family together, we laughed and played with him, Things we didn't do much before that. He made us a fmaily again. He went with us almost everywhere, and if I left him home with my husband or Mom he wouldn;'t eat. He and I were like mother and son, untill the day he was attacked, and I miss him so very much.

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