Goodbye, Herbie, our very special friend. Our hearts still ache from saying good-bye to you. Before all the illness, you were a lively and sweet companion. Such a courageous little guy who seemed to think he was six feet high and 225 pounds. Just let a stranger come to the door or show up in our backyard, and you would protect us much more than we needed to have you do so. You loved to go on walks with me and your buddy, Peaches. Even at the very end, you could get to the front door if you heard me pick up the leash.

We wish so much that we could have somehow given you back your health. You just had so many strikes against you. First, the bladder stones, then diabetes, glaucoma resulting in total blindness, an enlarged heart, liver disease and cancer in your spleen all ending up with your not even being able to keep down your medication. You were only eight years old. You left too soon.

Peaches misses you; she has been very quiet since you left. When I walk her, I think she picks up your scent at times and does not want to move from the spot. As for the cats, they will not admit to missing anything that is not directly related to their own personal well-being.

I hope so much, Herbie, that you are chasing butterflies with Connor and Gracie at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope to meet you again someday. When that happens, I will hug you and never let you go.

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