She was a beautiful black and white german sheperd. She was scared of the fire works on July 4th and she tried to escape but ended up dying because of the electric wire on the fence. She was sent to a better place on July 4th 2005.

We miss her so much and we love her the entire world. Even our other pets loved her. My dog,Sandy,used to be scared of her but they played with eachother a lot. My little dog ,Ginger,played with her tail and feet for enjoyment and she never got mad at her. She was a wonderful dog and I wish that she could still be in our lives.

She was only about four or five when she died. She gave birth twice with my cousin's dog as the dad. We gave one of the pups to my uncle and then that pup gave birth so we could keep the family going. Before Hollie died she had a very depressing moment in her life. Her husband died. Hollie was an outdoor dog, even though she hated it she showed a tremendous amount of love to our whole family, she was the most wonderful pet ever.

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