I remember when we first got Java, she was a hyper little doggie belonging to a friend of mine. She was all over me and I loved her at first sight. We took Java for a few months, when my mother recieved an email saying we could keep her. I was overjoyed, and she became a part of the family.

Through the years, we cared for Java and gave her all of our love. We taught her how to go 'doo doo peepee outside.' and not to chew shoes.

We loved her like she was human. We did everything for her, and she gave us her love in return.

Then, she began getting loose, chasign cars and happened to hit her. And that was the end.

No more 'puppy face' or jingling tags. She was...gone. I will remember that dog forever, and wherever she is I hope she will do that same.

I love you Java and will always remember you.

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