To my best friend and partner that I was so blessed to have in my life for 11 years,3 months and five days - a much too short amount of time. Your loss was sudden and unexpected, but I knew that for you to go to the Rainbow Bridge was the best, and only, thing to do

. Your daily unconditional love and patience re: the endless cuddles that I needed, as well as touching those velvet ears and big paws, will always be remembered. There was this connection from the first time I saw you as a little bundle of fur tripping over those big paws, and you separating yourself from the rest of the litter to run up to me and put your paw on my arm, that grew each day, along with your size.

The name I chose for you reflected the gentle kindness and wisdom of the Shaman that I saw in your eyes - a reflection of the free spirit that you will always be. You were so settled and peaceful when you knew that your whole pack was with you, holding you and letting you know that it was okay to become free.

I am still grieving for myself and being left behind - I can't grieve for you because you are running and playing on those meadows and hills. Just know that I am so looking forward to the day that I can again look into those eyes, touch those ears and paws, bury my face in that beautiful coat and hold you, and be with you my friend. Until then, be free and share your wonderful self with the others at the Bridge.

I love you Koda. You will always be remembered and in my heart. You made me a better person for being in my life.

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