Sarah-Lee Egger

Born December 29, 1992

Went to the Bridge April 11, 2006

Tonight the Heavens received a most precious star as our beloved Sarah went peacefully to the Bridge. A one-of-a-kind dog, so gentle yet with all the endearing qualities of a Basset Hound including stubbornness, drool, and a regalness that earned her the daily title of "Queen". Quick to grumble, but oh how she would dance for a cookie, a walk, or a car ride, even if it was just to pull into the garage. And her duck wiggle always brought a smile to our face.

She is now at the Rainbow Bridge, searching for frogs and carrying them ever so gently, legs outstretched from her mouth. Reunited with Cleo, Harley, Murphy and Midge, she will be forever loved and buried deep within our hearts.

All our love, Kim, LJ, Willow, Windser, Milli, Tigger and Murphie.

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