To Fruzie

Deeply loved and sadly missed.

Late one summer afternoon (July 1986) I walked into the local pet shop to purchase fish food and felt something tugging my pant leg--I looked down and saw a tiny black poodle pulling for all he was worth. I reached down and scooped him up. He wagged his tailed around my heart. This tiny black package had been bred to be a show dog, but had been born with a problem with the bones in his neck. This made him useless for show. He had been taken to the pet shop to be sold. The owners had told the shop owener that if she couldn't sell the dog in a week to have him put to sleep. This was the seventh day and nearly the 11th hour. The shop owner knew me and knew the sweet little puppy would have the best home in the world. She told me to just get out of the store and that she hadn't seen a thing. I was out the door in a flash.

This liittle doll gave me many, many years of pleasure. My memories fill my heart and my soul. He loved to chase rocks (sticks were okay, but rocks supreme). He had many seizures over the years which eventually took their tole on his sweet little body. He died of congestive heart failure on March 13, 1999.

I live on a farm and we have fixed a "cemetery" where many of our little friends have been laid to rest. This was the hardest one of all.

Rest in peace my liittle darling. Life will never be quite the same again.

Judith Robinett
Yoder, Wyoming

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