Black Jazz

Black Jazz was a gift to my mother from my father when he was diagnosed with cancer. He didn't want her to be alone after his death and Jazz was a perfect companion. When my mother couldn't take care of Jazz due to Alzheimers, she came to live with me. We had to rename her Lady since our Chaz became too confused. Lady took to this name quickly. She lived with us until June 19, 1998 (the 4th anniversary of my mother's death) when Lady crossed over the Bridge and became Black Jazz once again--and running, I'm sure, to the waiting arms of my mother and father.

During my father's last six months she was a great comfort to him--her antics always made him smile. She was a great companion to my mother when she was forced to face life without my father. Jazz spent her nights sleeping next to my mother and comforting her. And, she was a dear friend to me for the four years I was privileged to live with her. I hope she felt as loved as made all of us feel.

Lady Black Jazz--you are thought of often, and missed dearly.

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