Princess, I miss you terribly. You meant so much to me. I found you at the SPCA when you were 7 and I was fortunate enough to have you 7 more years. I'm sorry for the pain you endured before I found you but I'm glad I saved you. You were such a good dog. Quiet, like a shadow, but always there for me. I'll miss you sleeping curled up beind my legs at night or nudging me to get under the covers. I'll miss how you used to "throw" yourself at me in your whippet way to get kisses. I'll miss you watching over Morgan and peeking in at her while I rocked her to sleep. I'll miss the quiet times spent in the morning before everyone else got up. I'll have no one to eat oreos with now! I'll have no one to bark at me in the morning to get me up to let me know it's biscuit time!

My heart aches for you, my Whippet friend and what I wouldn't give to have you here just a little longer. I long to pet your silken coat one more time. I didn't let you go to heaven alone. You gave me so much. I wanted my touch to be the last thing you felt. My voice, the last thing you heard, and my scent, the last thing you breathed in. God took you to soon because of a growth no one knew about until it took your appetite suddenly. I couldn't let you suffer.

I Love you Princess and alwyas will forever. I'll never forget you, ever. Sleep soft dear freind and I'll see you again. Promise!!

Mommy xx oo

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