Sassy Sheets came into our lives May 27, 1995 and was laid to rest May 28, 1999. Although our time together was short, it was happy and memorable. She had the sweetest face we've ever seen and was very loveable, except for her occasional days of a "leave me alone" attitude. We called this her PMS days. She loved children and they loved her.

We have her buried in the back yard under the trees where she loved to chase the squirrels and bark at the birdies. A lot of children from the neighborhood have been at her gravesite today to say goodbye to their furry friend who had to leave us. We know we can never replace her, but we also know we will probably try to find another pet to love and hope it will bring us the joy and love that our dear Sassy did. One of Sassy's favorite tricks was to wave "bye bye." Bye Bye, Sassy, we loved you so very much.

Mommie and Daddy.

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